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Owning your own aircraft is the ultimate tool for achieving maximum comfort and efficiency across all your travel requirements.  However, the operational logistics that come with aircraft ownership can be tedious and time consuming.  Let Bluelink Jets take care of that part instead. We have great experience in the daily operation of all aspects of aircraft ownership and are available to help you achieve the greatest benefits possible of owning your own aircraft.



Bluelink Jets has the required competence for both commercial and private aviation. We are ready and available to provide you or your company with a solution that suits your requirements and makes the ownership both fun and carefree.  By allowing us to take care of the operational aspects of your aircraft you will have the time to do what appeals the most about owning an aircraft – flying!



Owning an aircraft requires an all-inclusive approach to flight operations. We take a strict approach in regard to flight safety and crew training, and we place great emphasis on maintaining excellence in planning and performance. Everyone in the Bluelink Jets staff is working with a focus on safety, service and a personal responsibility to our product.  If, as an owner, you want to feel safe and partner with an airline that maintains the highest standards, we are the ones to choose.


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